Z4000 VC-EG



  • Type/ Envelope
  • Width/ 8HP
  • Power/ +34/-18mA
  • Depth/ 28mm

Very snappy ADSR type envelope generator with a CV proccessor that can scale the envelope signal, add an offset to it, mirrot and invert it. All four time and level parameters can be voltage controlled and the attack pameter´s characteristic is switchable.
The attack, decay and release potantiometers are scaled in a special way: the first 50% of the knob´s rotation are used for finest adjustment of very short envelope times from miliseconds to one second. This is useful to create snappy envelopes with minimum times without popping or clicking sounds. The rest of the knob´s rotation controls times from one second up to the minute range.
Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release can be controlled with voltages from 0V to 5V. The ATK switch selects between an exponential and a logarithmic attack curve. The Shoot button allows you to fire the envelope manually.

The voltage processor at the output has several functions. The Attenuverter attenuates and/or inverts the output voltage. The voltage controllable Deviator adds a static positive or negative offset voltage to the envelope. By combining those
ameters you can mirror the envelope or clip it. A bicolor LED indicates whether the envelope is in negative or positive voltage range.
Download de Z4000 VC-EG manual here

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