Z2040 LP-VCF



  • Type/ Filter
  • Width/ 8HP
  • Power/ +20/-20mA
  • Depth/ 42mm


The Z2040 is a discrete clone of the Prophet 5`s low pass filter with come additonal features like voltage controlled gain and resonance. The gain parameter allows for overdriving the filter.

Voltage controlled, 24dB/octave steep, 4-pole lowpass filter based on the original US patent of the SSM2040 filter chip from Sequential Circuits' Prophet 5 Rev2.
FM is the cutoff modulation parameter with a voltage controllable modulation depth (VC-FM)

The gain is adjustable and until the 1h position (marked with “0dB”) the filter is pretty smooth but above that the sound gets more and more overdriven. A VCA pre-filter makes the gain voltage controllable; alternatively you can route the VCA post-filter with a jumper.

audio: input and output
CV inputs for cutoff (FM), cutoff modulation depth (VC-FM), gain and resonance
Download de Z2040 LP-VCF manual here

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