Trigger Riot



  • Type/ Sequencer
  • Width/ 28HP
  • Power/ +200/-0mA
  • Depth/ 28mm

An innovative and unique trigger sequencer with memory and an entirely new concept. It has an internal a clock generator but can be synched to an external clock, too. Eight channels process clocks, each by passing four clock dividers in a row. Each clock divider has manipulators like probability of trigger output, clock shift, clock multiplication and pulse width. Combine thee parameters and you´ll get very diversified and living trigger sequences.
The eight channels are laid out in four columns and four rows. In Matrix Mode the columns and rows interact with each other as the controls affect both. In Independent Mode you can select the channel you want to eit by pressing the Mute/Sel button. the Trigger Riot has an integrated precise clock generator but can be synched to an external clock of course. the tempo can be set in BPM. Besides that a Cycle Mode is available with adjustable start adn reset point,
Each channel has four clock dividers. Following parameters can be set for each of those:

  • Divide: sets the clock division
  • Step: allows setting of a single trigger on a given count
  • Probability: sets the probability a trigger will fire
  • Speed: sets the time base in internal clocks
  • Clock Shift: delays the division by full clocks
  • Time Shift: delays the division by fractions of a clock
  • Pulse Width: duty cycle of the trigger/gate from 0% to 100%

Combining this parameters will lead to overlapping of clocks, cancelling, shifting and will result in interesting rhythmical structures in the end.
Please check the extensive operation manual for more details, tips and tricks.
Download de Trigger Riot manual here

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