Tiptop Stackcable Black 95cm


Type/ Cable
Lenght/ 95mm
Color/ Black

Our revolutionary 1/8” Stackcable is the world’s first cable that combines low-noise shielded performance with the convenience of stacking banana cables. The patented Stackcable provides signal splitting directly on the back of the plug, giving you the flexibility to distribute signals without a multiple module.

Stackcables vs mults:
The Stackcable opens up a whole new approach to the art of synthesizer patching. Complex signal flow is more visible and easier to follow and you’ll never again have to interrupt your workflow to stop, trace back and insert a multiple. Spend more time concentrating on music making and less time on figuring how to run multiple signals paths. In addition, when comparing multiple modules vs Stackcables, the Stackcables can come out cheaper and provide you with more mult points, whenever you need them, in any configuration, without taking up any rack space in your system.

Stackcables vs regular patch cables:
When comparing the Stackcables with regular patch cables, the Stackcables always keep your jacks reusable no matter how many connections are running to or from a jack. Using standard patch cables basically seals up a jack once patched in, a major limitation in the dynamic workflow with a modular synthesizer. And when it comes to carrying your audio signals, the Stackcable is by far superior over those low-cost patch cables. The Stackcables are made with heavy gauge signal conductor and signal shielding, providing both low capacitance, low impedance as well as excellent noise rejection. The Stackcable is also by far superior over banana cables or any other signal spliter at handling audio and control signals in a professional studio environment, providing shielding from electrical interference keeping both your studio quiet as well as your modular synth signals clean.

Stackcables are made in the USA and are compatible with all audio gear that uses the 3.5mm / 1/8″ jack and plug. (Do not use Stackcables with Switchcraft Tini-Jax® brand jacks.)
Download the Tip Top Stackcable manual HERE

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