Spring Waves



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The Spring Waves extends the Z-DSP's effect palette by Physical Modeling algorithms which simulate the behavior of excited natural objects like pipes, strings, membranes, springs, metal rods or wood blocks.

Six effects on this cartridge are specialized on Waveguide Synthesis which is ahead of the karpulss-Strong synthesis. Two effects are spring models which emulate a mass-spring system with their physical properties like force, motion, friction and mechanic limits.

1/Double Waveguide Mixed 2/String Waveguide
3/Bass Waveguide
4/Minor Chords 5/Waveguide Mesh 1 6/Waveguide Mesh 4 7/Spring Filter 3 (LP) 8/Static Friction 2

*Cartridge for the Z-DSP from Tiptop Audio!
Download the Spring Waves manual HERE
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