Graine de Folie



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“Grain de Folie” is a card for the TipTop Audio Z-DSP working with a simple granular synthesis, customized for the Z-DSP. Eight great granular effects with ranom grain position are available which differ in density, stereo width and grain size and some feature pitch modulation.

/Four spread grains #1
/Four spread grains #2
/Pitch modulated grains #1
/Pitch modulated grains #2
/Three pitches grains.
/Six grains in Stereo.
/Three flying grains. Control of size and panning. rate. Panning creates a stereo spread.
/Three modulated grains. Output in stereo.

*Cartridge for the Z-DSP from Tiptop Audio!
Download the Graine de Folie manual HERE
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