Circadian Rhythms



  • Type/ Sequencer
  • Width/ 36HP
  • Power/ +160/-0mA
  • Depth/ 30mm

Super interesting trigger sequncer techno monster. Sort of the control room for all your drums and all trigger issues with a vast number of loopable patterns with different lengths, loopable pattern groups, mute functions, individual shuffle per track (!) … Sequence length up to 512 steps, 24ppq resolution in Zoom view for detailed editing, trigger delay per step, 8th or 16th note swing, gate length up to 64 steps and so much more.
The idea of having several views is brilliant. The vertical view is pretty much the main view and is used to select columns (group, preset, steps, channel, mute etc) and for quick eighth-note programming.

The other views display the sequence horizontally and are used for more detailed programming:
The 8×8 view displays all 8th notes for each of the eight channels (= tracks) and allows for simultaneous programming of eight channels. 4×16 shows four sequeces at a time, each with a resolution of 16th notes. In the same manner 2×32 shows two chennels in a 32th note resoultion and 1×64 shows all 64 steps of one channel. With the up/down buttons you can proceed to the other channels in order to edit them.
Download de Circadian Rhythms manual here

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