Entity BDS
Entity BDS


  • Type/ Drums
  • Width/ 14HP
  • Power/ +61mA/-91mA
  • Depth/ 16mm

Bass and Drum Synthesizer Voice

The Entity Bass Drum is a complete and versatile synthesizer voice geared for designing a huge array of bass drum, percussive and synth sounds. Finally, a truly deep tool for creating analog bass drum, bass lines and other percussive effects is here!

The design consists of a high fidelity resonant filter, 2 stage slope generator (rise/fall) with independent slope shaping, a high fidelity VCA and discrete transistor saturation circuitry. Every parameter on the Entity Bass drum is voltage controllable.

By applying a trigger of any length and at least 2V amplitude, we excite the resonant filter to produce a percussive sine wave. The pitch control tunes the output with a range of 8Hz to around 2.2KHz. Both higher and lower levels are achievable using the FM input for modulation etc. The internal filter will track 3-4 octaves reliably and the tracking device is temperature compensated.
Download the Entity BDS manual HERE

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Mixmode Expander
Mixmode Expander


  • Type/ Expander
  • Width/ 4HP
  • Power/ +0mA/-0mA
  • Depth/ 27mm

The MIXMODE Expander provides direct adjustment of the saturation circuitry via panel mounted controls. If that is not enough, voltage control inputs are also provided for the ultimate in automated saturation madness.

Dedicated 1/8″ and 1/4″ mixer outputs allow full time usage of channel four’s attenuator.

Key Features:

Panel Access to Saturation
Voltage Controlled Saturation
Dedicated Mixer Outputs
No Power Required
Download the Mixmode expander manual HERE
This product is being manufactured or shortly avalilable in overseas.
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  • Type/ Generator
  • Width/ 24HP
  • Power/ +120mA/-20mA
  • Depth/ 35mm


GateStorm, a collaborative module from Erogenous Tones and Steady State Fate, is designed to be an advanced Gate Generator with a highly flexible CV system with as much depth as you are willing to go.  GateStorm was designed to be fun, intuitive, and more importantly, powerful.  Don’t be overwhelmed by how much information is shown to you on it’s integrated display, once you start using it, you will see just how important and useful seeing that much information becomes.

While we are putting together videos to demonstrate all the functionality, design, and use of GateStorm, here are some highlights of most of the features that we are putting into production.

Overall Features:

  • 8 Gate Generators (4 Complex Lanes & 4 Simple Lanes)
  • 7 Gate Inputs
    • 1 Clock Input for Syncing GateStorm to an external clock
      • Includes TAP TEMPO button as well
    • 4 Local Gate Inputs
    • 2 Global Gate Inputs (1 with integrated button to use when not patched)
  • 6 CV Inputs with Attenuator (Normalized to DC voltage)
  • 8 Gate Outputs (0-10V) with Integrated White LEDs
  • 320×240 High Contrast LCD screen
  • 1 Rotary Encoder with Pushbutton for Data Entry
  • 15 Buttons for Various Parameter Entry
  • USB connection on rear for Firmware Updating
  • 24 HP
  • Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)
  • Power: +12v/-12v
  • Current: Max draw +120mA, -20mA
  • Based on ChibiOS RTOS

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Mix Mode
Mix Mode


  • Type/ Mixer
  • Width/ 6HP
  • Power/ +39mA/-39mA
  • Depth/ 23mm

MIXMODE is a high performance quad attenuator, inverting attenuator, precision adder/sub, RGB amplitude/polarity indicator and high fidelity mixer with both clean and saturated output modes.

The saturator is completely user configurable, allowing independent adjustment over the positive and negative clipping threshold levels. The unique response and wide harmonic palette makes this saturator stand in a class of it's own.

Key Features:

  • Full Span Attenuator/Inverting Attenuator
  • High Fidelity, Low Noise and Distortion
  • High Headroom
  • No signal bleed between channels
  • Configurable Saturator
  • Configurable Outputs
  • Unique Signal Indicator
  • 6hp

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Ultra Random Analog
Ultra Random Analog


  • Type/ Random
  • Width/ 10HP
  • Power/ +65mA/-37mA
  • Depth/ 33mm

The first module of the Ultra-Random series, the Ultra-Random Analog is a random voltage generator with six random outputs including two clocked stepped random outputs – one with built in logarithmic slew, a third stepped output that toggles between two internal noise sources or whatever is patched into the sample inputs, a fully voltage controllable smooth fluctuating random voltage output, a voltage controllable random gate/noise with 7 selectable levels of randomness and an independent vactrol based voltage controllable integrator – all with a built in 1V/Oct tracking voltage controlled clock.  The URA can additionally function as a dual Sample and Hold, capable of wave shaping and sample reducing CV and audio.

The URA was designed to maximize routing options both within the module itself as well as within your modular system.
Download the URA manual HERE

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  • Type/ Generator
  • Width/ 14HP
  • Power/ +85mA/-34mA
  • Depth/ 23mm


Propagate is a quad, voltage controlled gate delay with some twists. The four stages are capable of delaying a gate signal of any length. Delay time is adjustable via panel or voltage control. Delay mode is either LO for long delay time or HI for audio rate delays. In HI mode, Propagate can be used as a pulse width modulated VCO. The output length in either mode is completely variable via panel or voltage control from an ultra fast trigger to a gate lasting a number of seconds.

Beginning with the first delay stage, every output is normaled to the input of the following delay stage. So a single pulse will propagate through each delay to create multi pulsed events, longer delays and longer gates. In addition to the individual delay outputs, all are combined internally through a quad logical OR gate to a single SUM output.

The MIX IN jack will logically OR any pulse, gate or clock signal with Propagate’s SUM.

The ENABLE input permits Propagate to be turned ON/OFF via HI/LO gate signals.

The MASTER CV inputs for DELAY and SPACE control all four delay stages at the same time, from a single source. Control voltages at these inputs will sum together with any signals present at the individual CV inputs.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Voltage Controlled Gate Delay
  • Burst/Trill Generator
  • Variable Gate/Trigger Converter
  • Infinitely Divisible (No Division Quantization)
  • Quad PWM VCO
  • Number of Delay Stages is Infinitely Expandable
  • Pairs with MIXMODE to convert gates to stepped pitches and for complex stepped waveform generation
  • Excellent modulation source for the

Download the Propagate manual In stock. Shipping in 24 H.Contact

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Quantum Rainbow 2
Quantum Rainbow 2


  • Type/ Voice
  • Width/ 4HP
  • Power/ +23mA/-23mA
  • Depth/ 23mm


This new revision of the Quantum Rainbow features all of your favorites from the original plus two new noise outputs to expand the palate even further.

Known as one of the best voiced noise sources to date, the Quantum Rainbow is a surplus of true randomness. Unlike digital noise which will only ever be pseudo random at best, analog noise is the only real source of natural random fluctuations. This is because analog noise is the actual sound of real electron behavior, as they break though a semiconductor junction. The QR uses a reverse biased transistor as the source of this amazing phenomenon.

Interesting fact – studies have been performed in order to prove that the power of thought is linked to statistical phenomena via the means of controlling random electron behavior.

Can you control your modular synth with your mind??

Special attention was paid when voicing the seven colors of noise in order to provide the most pleasing and accurate colored noise pallet – that only a true analog noise source can deliver.

Noise is great!

We heard your suggestions and eliminated the extra outputs per color in order to slim the width to a manageable 4hp.

Key Features:

  • [Flat, -3dB, -6dB, +3dB, +6dB]/octave spectral noise densities plus the new A-weighted Grey Noise and Adjustable Quanta outputs
  • True Randomness
  • Lush and Pleasing Sound
  • Now only 4hp
  • Excellent companion to the Ultra-Random Analog

Download the BIM manual In stock. Shipping in 24 H.Contact

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Positronic Transient Gate
Positronic Transient Gate


  • Type/ Utility
  • Width/ 14HP
  • Power/ +52mA/-35mA
  • Depth/ 28mm

The Positronic Transient Gate is an extremely versatile, unique transient generator. Unlike traditional slew and envelope generators, the PTG’s transients are derived purely from Vactrol behavior. Rather than using capacitor integrators, the PTG uses current control to exploit all the wonder that Vactrols have to offer. In fact, not a single capacitor exists in the signal path.

The layout is very open ended, providing the flexibility to perform a vast number of unique transient functions never before conceived until now. The PTG is a multifunctional beast that is sure to please!

Key Features and Functions:

  • Bipolar Vactrol Transient Generation
  • Vactrol VCAs
  • Envelope Follower
  • Signal Boosting/Overdrive/Distortion
  • Wide Range/Response
  • Over 40 Unique Documented Patches
  • Dual


View the Crash Course Guide HERE

View the PTG Basics Guide HERE

View the Official PTG Patch Book

PTG Signal Flowchart HERE

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