• Type/ Sequencer
  • Width/ 15HP
  • Power/ +180mA/-20mA
  • Depth/ 50mm


The Flame Arpeggiator 20013 is a 2 channel arpeggiator with separate analog outputs for the pitch CV, gate and velocity as well as the sequence clock.
Both arpeggios are also sent to the MIDI out port (channel 1 and 2). The first 4 notes of the arpeggio are availabe at CV Out 1-4 as well as MIDI channel 3.
Chords and scales can be adjusted with an internal keyboard and saved to 16 different user patches.
There are 9 different arpeggiator modes, each one contains several different directions like up, down,up/down…
Functions like Arpeggiator-Mode, Note-Repeat, Octave-Range and Sequence-Pattern are voltage controlable.
The internal sequencer can be synchronized from an external MIDI-clock.
Each of the 10 sequencer tracks (ARP,BASS,X-OUT 1-8) can have its own clock division as well as its own sequence pattern.

The X-2013 modules features 8 additional clock/gate outputs as well as MIDI-In, MIDI-Out and MIDI-Thru ports.

This product is being manufactured or shortly avalilable in overseas.
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