• Type/ Sequencer
  • Width/ 30HP
  • Power/ +8mA/-8mA/110mA 5V
  • Depth/ 35mm


DU-SEQ is an analog pulsing sequencer with a highly intuitive interface. The 1V/octave pitch signal path is fully analog, and the gate signal is generated entirely from discrete 7400-series logic (no microcontroller) clocked directly from a built-in clock with tempo and gate width settings, or an external clock/gate signal.

Each of the up to eight steps has a two-octave pitch range and can be assigned to pulse or count up to eight times using one of six gating patterns — including two external gate pattern inputs — allowing for a huge diversity of musical possibilities.

Other features include CV control of step direction, CV selection of the next step, slew rate limiter assignable per step, and a half-clock button and CV input. Fuzz the direction input with noise to generate a glitch in the sequence on tempo.
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  • Type/ Voice
  • Width/ 8HP
  • Power/ +35mA/-5mA
  • Depth/ 35mm

a collaboration between Detroit Underground and MengQiMusic

micro movements and glitches Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide millions of sweet spots

new feature in firmware 2016-04-15 :
/hold type button while powering up for D Major pentatonic tuning like a Chinese Zither
/tighter timing
/crispy sound
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